Postmix Syrups

Join the Revolution to the ULTIMATE Post Mix Syrups


Freeze Beverages delivers to you a superior quality post mix beverage for your customers.  It is called Ultimate Post Mix and it will change the way you think about soda beverages.


Ultimate Post Mix Syrup Concept!


“Ultimate Post Mix" is a fabulous tasting, soda beverage alternative” Freeze Beverages has a range of the most popular and highest quality syrups. All our flavours are packaged in 15 litre bag-in-box package, except for the Diet Cola which comes in a 7.5 litre bag in box package.

Each 15 litre bag-in-box package produces 90 litres of ready soft drink or 380 by 250ml glasses.


Flavours Include:


  • Cola

  • Diet Cola

  • Lemoande

  • Lemons Squash

  • Raspberry

  • Orange Splash

  • Tonic Water

  • Dry Ginger Ale


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