Cocktail Syrups

Join the Revolution to real COOL Cocktails!


Freeze Beverages delivers to you a superior cocktail syrup.  It is called Cocktail Freeze and it will change the way you think about frozen Cocktails.


Cocktail Freeze Concept


“The feedback from our customers is unanimous – Freeze Beverages makes the best tasting cocktails on the market”


Imagine the coolest of cocktails, with real fruit pulps and our specially blended cocktails mixes like Margarita with Grand Marnier already mixed so you can offer your clients the best cocktails available. Our premium range is made with 35% real fruit puree, why not try our “Super Strawberry” Daiquiri or our delicious Mango Daiquiris.  This is what creates the point of difference in the quality and taste of the end product which, in turn, will directly impact on your beverage sales and repeat business. 


Unlike some of the other cheaper quality, cordial based, sugar filled mixes which are common in the Australian market, Freeze Beverages have worked with food scientists over many years in the industry to develop a superior quality of syrup, making the old fashioned “slushy” almost obsolete by comparison.


Flavours Include:


  • Strawberry Daiquiri

  • Mango Daiquiri

  • Margarita

  • Pina Colada

  • Cola

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3 Essential Elements of a real cool cocktail

1. Flavour - Natural, long lasting flavours that last all the way to the end of your cocktail 


2. Colour  - Natural looking colours which are temptingly delicious and appealing to the eye


3. Consistency - Not too icy, not too runny, but just right! The combination of superior quality mix and state of the art machinery ensure a smooth great tasting cocktail

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